Photo | Lindsey Blane

Photo | Lindsey Blane


On June 28th, BENJII will be independently releasing his brand new and brooding single, ‘BOA (Show Me You Love Me)’. This is the second track to be released by the new Vancouver alt-pop artist. Both dark and seductive, BOA takes an enticing turn into a heart racing mixture of heavy bass grooves, distorted piano, and neon electronics.

The news trails on the heels of his lush debut single ‘California’, being considered as “the perfect balance of feel-good instrumentals, lyrical themes of escape, and layered sonic textures” by Toronto’s esteemed Indie88, and dubbed a “hauntingly gorgeous record” by Buzz Music LA. Though BENJII has proven that he can do chill-pop effortlessly, he mentions that “it was just the warm up”.

‘BOA’ was inspired by the blurred line separating lust and love, and the inherent danger when confusing the two. “It’s way too often where we can get caught in this dark, vicious circle of physical intimacy and a deeper hunger for love; and when you sadly mistaken one for the other it can leave you empty and broken, hurting for it even more” says BENJII. However, despite the moody lyrical content, the single packs a serious punch in terms of danceability and indelible hooks.

Benji Klassen (AKA: BENJII) began with humble beginnings in the small town of Moose Jaw, SK where he considered himself a “bedroom warrior”, dedicating countless years to his guitar craft. It wasn’t until moving to Vancouver, BC and joining his first indie-rock band where he got his first real taste of the stage, and life on the road touring North America. However, after a horrific and life threatening roll-over on tour, the difficult decision was made to branch off from the band and birth a new project under a variation of his own name.

With the release of ‘BOA (Show Me You Love Me)’, and a slew of radioready singles slated for 2019, BENJII is primed for a thrilling introduction.