Photo | Lindsey Blane

Photo | Lindsey Blane


While speaking out about addiction or mental health has become “trendy" these days, it sadly feels like many of us have become indifferent to the idea of it. The fact remains that over 300 million people are affected by depression, and nearly 800,000 people die from suicide every year – the problems are still very real and need to be supported in more ways than ‘likes’ and ‘loves’ on social media.

I Won’t Die For You’ takes place in the clouded mind of someone going through the heartbreaking motions of addiction and depression. Though these aren’t things I’ve fully experienced myself, I’ve witnessed so many beautiful people I love struggle in silence.

The song served as an outlet for me to cope with my own feelings surrounding the existence of these things in my life, but now it’s yours to relate to whether you personally face these struggles or have someone you love who does.


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